Pathways of Teshuvah, 3of3: How Do We Move Forward Together?

Pathways of Teshuvah, 3of3: How Do We Move Forward Together?

This is ’’Pathways of Teshuvah, Part 3 - How Do We Move Forward, Together? This recording is part 3 of a 3-part discussion with breakthrough academic, Dr. Pesach Chananiah, and youth mentor / gardener / veteran, Mr. Marcus Kar, on reconnecting to Nature for sacred communion and emotional wellbeing. In this segment, Dr. Chananiah and Mr. Kar share on how to apply their Nature-reconnection learnings to modern life.

About Our Guests
  •  Dr. Pesach Chananiah (author) is a Jewish ecopsychologist, educator, and community organizer working in interfaith and environmental spaces. He writes about the psychological impact of disconnection from land, through a Jewish lens, and explores modes of healing through embodied spiritual practice in the natural world. Read his paper, Pathways of Teshuvah, on
  •  Marcus Kar (special guest) is a decorated veteran and a native of “North” Minneapolis, a predominantly African-descent (African-American) community struggling to overcome racism, economic poverty, and other forms of America’s institutional biases. Marcus is program director at Youth Farm, North Minneapolis, “a multi-faceted youth development organization growing food and young leaders, healthy bodies and minds, positive identity, neighborhood connections, community opportunities, and healthy relationships.”
0:00 Dropping into the session: a final summary.
                We are exploring 4 quotes and 4 keywords,
                re: Place, Possibility, Universal, Indigenous
       0:30 Rav. Korngold quote (place)
        0:50 Rav. Comin quote (possibility
        1:20 Dr. Channaniah quote (universal)
        2:00 Dr. Channaniah quote (indigenous)

2:25 Dr. Chananiah 
        2:55 Sharing “hitbodedut“ (Hebrew term for “alone time for spiritual purpose“) with kids
        3:55 Were always moving so fast, right?… but, when I can get out into the wilderness… 
        5:05 Sharing & exploring the things all humans share: Earth, lands, food, dreams …

6:15 Do you have more of a sense indigeneity today?
6:49 Dr. Chananiah 
        > Going Lech Lecha (Hebrew term for “Go! Leave! Go for you.“)
        > Eco-awakening: Bill Plotkin, Nature and the Human Soul
        9:00 10 years of exploring Nature & the human psyche
        9:30 Nature immersion essential for middle-childhood health and development, and the psyche 

10:30 Does Nature-Connection bring a stronger sense of identity, Life skills, kinship, process-awareness?
11:30 Mr. Kar 
        “The impact of Nature on everyone is the same.“
        “My kids are learning how to process their feelings in green spaces,“ but camping is not safe for Black people. I’m trying to get rid of that. (paraphrased) 
        13:30 Giving kids today the tools to process their feelings and Grow Everything (plants, foods, relationships, community, possibilities,,, everything)
        14:05 Marcus’s wish for this audience

14:30 Marcus & Pesach sign-off with gratitude
15:20 Official wrap-up 
        > Pesach’s paper:
        > Marcus’s interview:
        > Envisioning Transformation:
        > BioIntegrity

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