Pathways of Teshuvah, 2of3: The Power of Reconnection

Pathways of Teshuvah, 2of3: The Power of Reconnection

This is ’’Pathways of Teshuvah, Part 2 - The Power of Reconnection (to Nature): Divinity, Healing, Reconciliation.’ This recording is part 2 of 3-part discussion with breakthrough academic, Dr. Pesach Chananiah, and youth mentor / gardener / veteran, Mr. Marcus Kar, on reconnecting to Nature for sacred communion and emotional wellbeing. In this segment, host Chris Searles invites Dr. Chananiah and Mr. Kar to share about their own Nature-reconnection, Nature-immersion experiences. They relate powerful connections to Divinity, Healing, Self-identification, Community-membership, and more. “This isn’t just about growing food and saving the environment.“

About Our Guests
  •  Dr. Pesach Chananiah (author) is a Jewish ecopsychologist, educator, and community organizer working in interfaith and environmental spaces. He writes about the psychological impact of disconnection from land, through a Jewish lens, and explores modes of healing through embodied spiritual practice in the natural world. Read his paper, Pathways of Teshuvah, on
  •  Marcus Kar (special guest) is a decorated veteran and a native of “North” Minneapolis, a predominantly African-descent (African-American) community struggling to overcome racism, economic poverty, and other forms of America’s institutional biases. Marcus is program director at Youth Farm, North Minneapolis, “a multi-faceted youth development organization growing food and young leaders, healthy bodies and minds, positive identity, neighborhood connections, community opportunities, and healthy relationships.”

0:00  Welcome & Intro  
                “Reconnecting to the Land Life is our best asset for a whole number of NON-environmental solutions… This reconnection to nature is healing traumas and helping people grow into greater relationship with the other people around them.“ (Searles)

2:00 Session begins: 
     Accessing our positive potential thorough connection to Nature. 
2:25 Dr. Chananiah 
     On Connecting to the Divine outdoors, in modern times
4:30 Mr. Kar
     On connecting to mentors and ecosystems for answers:
       > Avri Zen
       > People, plants & sky 
       > Dean, the veteran
       > West African culture
       > Mom
       8:14 Doing better than ’’surviving’’
       9:30 Honesty, Apologizing, Integrity, Direct communication 
       10:30 Building Trust with Youth
       11:15 Taking away the Trauma
        > Farms & gardens as safe spaces 
        where people are challenged, respected, 
        and connected to each other… 
       12:45 Living in rhythm and harmony, instead of ’’control’’

15:00 What is ’’I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.’’ ?
16:00  Dr. Chananiah 
       On visiting the West Bank 
       16:45 ’’Sin’’ vs. Missing the mark (Cheit)
       18:15 Apologizing, repenting, making amends 
       19:20 Tending olive trees and *Ho O Pono Pono* 
       19:55   Just do it! (Expressing care for God’s creation = stress avoidance)
21:30 Mr. Kar  
       On Reconciling and Returning
       23:00 Systematic Oppression in America is Real for Black People. 
                “This is how I got to Nature.“ (Kar)
        24:00 What Black Americans Need. 
        24:30 Marcus’s experience of oppression: treated like a criminal not a decorated veteran   
        24:55 Going to Nature for healing

25:30 How did you gain enough healing to be a leader? 
26:10 Mr. Kar  
                “I don’t want to pass the trauma on, I want to enjoy myself as I am and share it with everyone.“ (Kar)
         27:45 Back to Reconciliation
                ’What I need is the ability to spend the rest of my life enjoying and producing and creating my own healthy environment, and that will impact everyone around me.’’
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