Dr. Marj Barlow on Transformation (part 1: Integrity, Curiosity, Care)

Dr. Marj Barlow on Transformation (part 1: Integrity, Curiosity, Care)

Marj Barlow started life in 1929 as a Fundamentalist Baptist and went on to co-lead the world’s first, global-scale, net-zero corporation makeover initiative at Interface, in her 70s... In between, Dr. Barlow helped 1,000s of people as a pioneering therapist, humanist and feminist. In Part 1, she recounts her journey, "the first 45 years."
A Life of Transformation: Marj Barlow, PhD., is a historically-significant therapist, global-business-change leader, and self-care advocate from Texas. Most famous for her pioneering leadership at Interface Carpets, the world’s largest commercial carpet manufacturer, and first global manufacturer to try to reach net zero and net regenerative environmental impacts, Dr. Barlow built her success off of an identity rooted in honesty, family, Faith, science, and her own experiences. In this podcast, editor Chris Searles wanted to ’envision transformation’ from an American/Christian historical perspective, so he asked Marj to share about her early life. Born and raised in rural West Texas in the 1930s, mother to five, and more, Marj knows transformation. This interview is part of AllCreation’s collection, Envisioning Transformation

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0:00    Welcome & intro 
3:00    Marj shares about her childhood 
10:00    Adult life at 15
15:15    A Baptist, quantum-physicist, first husband  
21:00    Single mom with four children at 34
24:30    Becoming a counselor & second husband   
32:30    Massive American culture shift 
38:00    New life as a therapist
42:00    How her beliefs have evolved 
  • respect for more pious people
  • exploring other Faiths, different pathways 
  • social life
  • sampling other Christian denominations
  • Jean Houston, Life Force  
  • Life after death science 

Each little child is to be unfolded, not molded.
I think that’s all we have, is our story -- and everybody’s story is very important to me. So I try to help people join what I call ’’The Triple A’’ and become the Author, Actor, and Audience of your life story. You’re the only one who will watch your story from birth to death… I help people get their story into a form they can live with.

Each human being is unique and very significant. We are God in action and it is our sacred privilege to travel a lifetime and learn how to love.
Who are you really? What could you be? 

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This podcast is one of seven interviews from our
Winter Solstice 2022 collection, "Envisioning Transformation." 
It was edited by Chris Searles. 

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