Interconnectedness with Rev. Ragan Sutterfield

Interconnectedness with Rev. Ragan Sutterfield

In this episode we discuss Ragan's views on "Interconnectedness" and saving the planet.
Rev. Ragan Sutterfield is an accomplished author, journalist, iron man, family man, Wendell Berry scholar, and Episcopalian priest. In this episode we talk about Ragan's views on our "Interconnectedness" with nature. Visit to learn more about Ragan's amazing works.

Discussed in this podcast
  • What does the future look like if we get it right? 
  • The importance of putting relationship first, in environmental solutions 
  • “Humus beings”
  • Interconnectedness

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A few quotes
“What if we landscaped our yards in such a way that we provided home (for other creatures), and habitat for insects and birds and on up the trophic cascade? That’s what i’m trying to do in my place.”

“If everything was going right, in 20 years my place will be biologically-diverse and rich with insect life and bird life and all of the other creatures, and everyone else on my block will have adopted the same and we’ll be creating a corridor that will provide even more significant habitat.”

“We can do things in small ways in our particular neighborhoods and yards and that’s where i think the relationships can happen, where we can become human in a proper way, and that’s the best thing we can do, recover the art of creatureliness…”

“One of our problems, and it’s an old problem, is that we have avoided the reality that we are created beings, that we are creatures… a being that lives from breath… The Hebrew scriptures make no distinction between the breath of a dog and the breath of a human.”

“Being human and being a creature means that we are absolutely and totally entangled in the life of this world.”

Going out into the soil, there’s such an amazing network of life going on all around us, all the time, and what we eat and how we live — all of those things are so deeply connected."

"Our lives are very dependent upon the soil. If you were born of your parents, your body is made essentially of the soil and the sun."


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