Apocalypse? with Rev. Louis Tillman, pt. 3

Rev. Louis Tillman is an outstanding young leader in America today. He currently pastors the oldest African American Lutheran Church in North America, serves as a military chaplain, and serves the broader community as pastor, counselor and medical relief provider. In this episode we discuss Black advancement as human advancement.

"What does Black Advancement look like?" Louis lists numerous facets of Advancement for Black Americans, starting with dismantling White dominance and amplifying Black and multicultural existentialism. Louis discusses institutionalized racism, institutionalized privilege, new ventures for voices that have never been heard or are unvalued. "How do we keep investing into those minds that are going to shape the generations to come for hundreds of years?"

Key quotes
I'm trying to address: "What is the infectious disease of racism in this county?"

"The root, not the branch." - Nat Turner

In God's kingdom accomplishments, color, mistakes, preferences, will never matter.

In this season of Covid-19 we have been called to make a new mindset shift.

I'm trying to learn how to put flesh on my Faith in order to move forward in this fight for equal freedom of one another.



This episode is hosted by Chris Searles, exec. editor, AllCreation.org.
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